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Van Oordt controls about 75% of Dutch portion pack market.

The company started in 1732 with the production of cane sugar.
When the Netherlands switched cane sugar for white sugar, van Oordt stopped refining.

In 1927 they started in the packing bussiness.
Small pyramids from light cardboard were filled by hand with a spoon and sealed.
The pyramids were replaced by cubes, these were machine wrapped; 30 cubes a minute.

After 1935 customers were able to choose their own design.
Today they produce about 12.000 packets/cubes with custom designs &
8.000 packets/cubes with a neutral design.
It would take about a week to collect all the different packets stored by van Oordt.

The contents of packets also changed over the years,
it whent from 17 gram of sugar to only 6 gram.
Only half of the packets produced by van Oordt contain sugar,
the rest holds: creamer, jelly, honey, salt, mustard.....
And non-food as soap, matches and wet tissues.

Van Oordt doesn't give out to collectors,they say:
the true collector wants to collect packets by himself
and not order them out of a fabric.

Van Oordt is the owner of one of the largest collection packets/wrappers:

218.102 Dutch pieces & 23.532 Foreign pieces

These packets were donated by

P.C.Korteweg. (In Memoriam)