What to do with Torn or otherwise leftover Packets.

Greeting Cards
For the square I used about 20 damaged packets.
For the teapot about 10 packets.
They are folded and put in layers to fill the figure.

If you have lots of sugarpackets.

Over a 100 Sugarpackets.

You can use them as a cover for your sugaralbum.

I used wallpaperglue to mount the sugars on to the cover.

Than see through sticky plastic to protect your cover.
also known as book protection sheets.

Click on the cover to see more :-)

The box top is covered with folded sugar packets which form a circle.
On the rest of the box I used whole packets.

Even a single sugarpacket will do :-)

This card is made from the inside of an envelop
and a packet from a car museum.


I cut the packets so you can use the front & backside.
If you know other things to create with leftover sugars,
please let me know.
Your creation will be published on this page.


This card was made by Linda Rudometkin
She makes beautiful Art Trading Cards.
And she made a special Sugar Art Trading Card
for me to put on the page :-)